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February 2, 2023 | 1

R Workshops: Upgrade your data science toolkit

Data science is a rapidly growing field, and staying on top of modern tools and packages is critical to keeping up.

Precision Analytics will be offering a series of virtual one-day workshops beginning Spring 2023. Topics will include:

  1. Using R for data science

  2. Data visualization in R: tools and best practices

  3. Developing and deploying Shiny applications

  4. Introduction to Bayesian methods, with applications in RStan

Registration will be available soon and topics will be delivered based on demand. Please complete the form below to signal your interest in each topic. We will update you when courses are scheduled, you will be first to hear about early-bird discounts!

All content will be delivered virtually via Zoom in live, hands-on, interactive sessions. Content will include a combination of lectures and practical sessions. Materials will be made available after the workshop for participants.

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Kathryn Morrison

I co-founded Precision Analytics with Erika, also holding a PhD from McGill and am an accredited statistician. While overseeing our …