Pharmaceutical outcomes

Patient claims data are an incredibly rich source of evidence and information for researchers, clinicians, executives, and policy makers. We have worked with large US healthcare claims data from Canada, the United States, and abroad. 

With these databases, we conduct research on clinical and economic effects of pharmaceuticals or other interventions. Some common projects are: 

  • Feasibility studies
  • Observational epidemiology
  • Pharmacovigilance 
  • Health economics and outcomes research


Our platform simplifies data cleaning and provides data visualization and interaction tools that have been designed specifically for healthcare claims data. Analytical tools can be tailored to the project, but frequently used approaches include: 

  • Survival analysis such as Cox regression
  • Multilevel and random effects models, including Bayesian approaches
  • Propensity score analysis
  • Instrumental variable analysis
  • Marginal structural models 
  • Imputation of missing data 

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