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Our diverse clients range from biotechnology start-ups and pharmaceutical companies to clinical researchers and public institutions. Though each of our clients faces unique scientific and business challenges, they all share one thing in common: they need tailored data analytics solutions that empower them to make better decisions.


Take your data from bench-side to breakthrough

What our clients face

Our biotechnology clients are fast-paced innovators who cannot afford inefficiencies in data management and analysis. We streamline and enhance their workflow so that they can stay focused on their next scientific discovery.

To stay cutting-edge, biotechnology firms rely on the latest techniques in bioinformatics, molecular biology, and analytical biochemistry. This means routinely working with new data sources and non-standard analyses, which can be challenging for start-ups with limited resources and ambitious goals.

At Precision Analytics, we not only recognize these challenges but embrace them. Our multi-disciplinary team is strongly grounded in basic and life sciences, making for seamless collaboration with clients working on early-stage drug discovery and development, biomanufacturing, and related areas.

Specific research areas biotechnology companies explore include:

  • Genomics using next-generation and Sanger sequencing data
  • Molecular modelling and docking
  • Analytical biochemistry using techniques (e.g., mass spectrometry)
  • In vitro binding and enzyme kinetics assays (e.g., ELISA)
  • In vivo studies in oncology and pharmacology

What we offer

As a client-focused firm, we are committed to forming lasting, collaborative relationships with our clients to help them achieve their goals. Our highly tailored and “start-to-finish” approach to data analytics is especially suited to the rapidly evolving and specialized needs of biotechnology firms.

By integrating a bespoke selection of tools alongside a beautifully designed user interface, our data platforms can be deployed organization-wide to address a range of data-related challenges including:

  • Aggregating and linking data “silos” across departments using customized data pipelines
  • Integrating specialized tools into a reproducible data analysis workflow
  • Developing statistically rigorous experimental study designs
  • Efficiently managing “big data” that require significant computational resources
  • Performing quality control and enforcing compliance with standard procedures
  • Statistical modelling (from descriptive statistics to causal inference to prediction and everything in between)
  • Engaging and informative data visualizations
  • Ensure reproducibility and sharing of the most current findings

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Empower stakeholders for better evidence-based decision-making

What our clients face

The healthcare research landscape is changing as evidence and value-based decisions take center stage. Among pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, there is increasing pressure to generate real-world evidence (RWE) on the impacts of their products in actual practice. This shift also offers new opportunities to identify unmet needs, compare treatments, explore the role of personalized medicine, and focus on outcomes that truly matter to patients. Realizing these opportunities often requires leveraging complex data sources including:

  • Clinical trials (randomized or pragmatic, open-label)
  • Patient and disease registries
  • Electronic medical or health records (EMR/EHR)
  • Administrative healthcare insurance claims

Such data sources pose sophisticated methodological challenges. Many research applications, such as risk score calculators, dynamic cost models, and “living” evidence reviews, also demand novel approaches to analysis and communication.

What we offer

Precision Analytics provides expert-guided study design and analysis combined with innovative platforms that go beyond traditional static reports. With extensive track-records in pharmacoepidemiology and biostatistics, our in-house experts are well-equipped to support our clients’ scientific, medical, and regulatory affairs. Our customized dashboards empower stakeholders to explore study results, conduct sensitivity analyses, and communicate more effectively. To maximize efficiency while working with modern data sources, we provide reproducible and semi-automated workflows that keep results up-to-date.
Fundamental to our work is our commitment to scientific rigour and best practices. We work closely with academic affiliates and experts to implement approaches that are best suited to the research question at hand, whether industry standard or state-of the art. We work across a range of therapeutic areas, undertaking studies that include:

  • Epidemiology and burden of illness
  • Retrospective and prospective observational designs (e.g., longitudinal cohort, nested case-control)
  • Healthcare economics and outcomes research (HEOR/HECOR)
  • Comparative-effectiveness research (CER)
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Cost-effectiveness and economic models

Clinical Settings

Improve patient outcomes through data-driven health insights

What our clients face

Digital innovations are re-inventing how providers deliver and evaluate care. More than ever before, clinicians and institutions are tasked with using data to understand and improve patient outcomes. From monitoring patient trajectories to implementing novel digitally-enabled interventions, the challenges facing today’s clinical providers can be both exciting and daunting.
Our work in clinical medicine is far from theoretical; our clients need help answering specific questions at the patient, provider, or institution-level that will ultimately inform patient care. Clients in this sector commonly conduct research in order to:

  • Characterize patient populations and healthcare trends
  • Predict patients at high risk for adverse outcomes
  • Identify gaps in the cascade of care
  • Compare healthcare interventions in actual practice
  • Describe clinician adherence to guidelines and recommendations
  • Assess provider perspectives on training programs and professional associations

What we offer

Our complete “on-demand” data science team continues to deliver critical insights, even as our clients remain occupied by their clinical duties. At Precision Analytics, we know that the pace of clinical research can be unpredictable. That’s why we work to lift the burden of managing and adjusting to staffing needs by providing high-value services whenever our clients need them.
For many of our clients, we provide the tools and expertise that make research possible. As not all clinical data sources were built for research, meticulous data cleaning and analysis are of paramount importance. By working with experienced data scientists, our clients can be confident in their findings without compromising on efficiency. Our software development team also provides unique opportunities for our clients to put what they’ve learned into practice. We work with providers and institutions to develop tools for things like:

  • Calculating risk scores based on clinical inputs
  • Monitoring patient characteristics or care trajectories
  • Visualizing trends in healthcare practices or quality metrics
  • Automatically processing data updates for “real-time” statistics

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